Friday, June 15, 2007


Captain Bruce`s beloved vessel, th' ONYX, be laid up in dry dock th' last few tides fer some sorely needed repairs. Feelin' a bit landlocked, so t' speak, Captain Bruce ventured ou' on th' waters o' th' Canal du Bourgogne in th' only thin' he had that would float – his dingy. Ya see, th' Captain missed th' water.

He cruised up an' down th' canal basin searchin' fer plunder.

Spyin' a new vessel o' foreign design an' manned solely by a crew o' female gentlemen o' fortune, Captain Bruce pursued th' prize. This would be a huge feather in 'is cap, th' capture o' a foreign vessel an' a crew o' female type wenches.

Noticin' that they be bein' followed, th' wenches, crafty in the'r own right, proceeded wi' an evasive maneu'er which caused Captain Bruce t' overshoot his intercept. As he turned around t' watch th' smirks on the'r faces he ran smack dab into th' rear o' a cruise barge that had jus' entered th' canal.

Bet that hurt, ARRRRR!

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