Sunday, July 29, 2007

Arrrr, b' a busy July!

Captain Dave an' Mad Mary Ellen, his lady, aboard Captain Dave`s Shenandoah returned t' th' harbor today after a shakedown cruise, arrr, that included stops at th' ports o' Chalon sur Saone, Dole an' Dijon.

Th' Dole passage proved a bit trickier than expected as th' Ri'er D
oubs be in flood an' provided some excitin' lock passages. Th' lock enterin' th' city o' Dole be particularly interestin' as th' kayaks shot ou' o' th' sluice at th' entry t' th' lock. Bastille Day in Dole proved excitin' also as all th' vessels be ordered t' leave th' harbor 'ceptin' th' noble Shenandoah an' a New Zealand vessel, called th' Kiwi Breeze. Guest on board, th' ex-Captain John an' his current squeeze, th' redoubtable Newfoundlander, Busty Mona Brash, did a bit o' pillagin' o' the'r own.

After th' Dole passage we returned t' homeport port t' refit an' take on supplies an' headed immediately north t' th' port o' Dijon at th' northern tip o' th' Burgundy Cote d`Or.

Dijon, one o' our favorite ports, held up 'tis reputation as a great place t' eat, drink an' be merry. Moored harbor side fer a week, we laid waste t' th' town an' th' Burgundian country side. Mad Mary Ellen, addicted t' outdoor food markets, flea markets, shoppin' an' th' like be in heaven.

We be visited by Captain Bill an' his young French beauty, Crazy Kinou o' Paris fer th' weekend. Th' crew be busy wi' ample pillagin', plunderin' an' rum had by all. Ex-Captain John an' Busty Mona depart'd th' Shenandoah, boarded surface transportation fer the'r return trip t' Paris an' subsequent return t' th' colonies.

Mad Mary Ellen an' Captain Dave returned aboard th' Shenandoah t' St. Usage 'ere th' vessel be undergoin' resupplyin' an' some minor paint repairs.

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